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Adam & Kush founders of WeShootYou Photography for families, children & newborns

Hey you! we see you peeking at us, come on introduce yourself!

Meet Kush

Kush, comes from the distant Nepal. A beautiful land much ventured and known for it’s scenery. He first ventured into photography as a child, fumbling around with his first film camera at the age of 10. In his spare time he freelances as a marketing specialist. He enjoys good food, vintage clothing and putting smiles on peoples faces.

Meet Adam

Adam comes from the sunny shores of Greece, known for it’s glistening waters and rich ancient history. Always admiring the scenery. Naturally, Adam sought to capture it’s beauty with his own camera. In his free time, he plays with his trouble-maker nephews, helps businesses grow organically and enjoys way too much pizza!

Why did we form WeShootYou?

After seeing the sheer amount of joy our photos brought people, we thought why not? Why not share the love? And so WeShootYou was born!

Where are we based?

Based in London, but love travelling around all of UK.

We’ve been lucky enough to have collaborated with some pretty cool industry leading folk. One of our greatest features have been with brands like Analogue Wonderland & 35mmc to create educational content & industry shaping advice.

Commercial gigs aside, what really shapes us is not where we have been featured, rather it’s the smile and joy we’ve brought to families through our passion and love for photography itself.

WeShootYou Featured on Emulsive, Analogue Wonderland, Sony & More

Map of where we are located

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