Wedding Photographer London

Wedding Photographer London

Have you dreamt of having that perfect wedding since you were 10?

You know the one where you feel like you’ve found the one?

Now think of that feeling, hold it close.

It’s perfect, right? It feels like a dream.


It isn’t always like that. Behind all that beauty & elegance crammed into that day, there are thousands of hours of planning, blood, sweat, and tears.

Cutting costs or hiring the wrong photographer can quickly spoil that.

We bet you’re thinking, it can’t be that bad!?

Well, it can…

Here are some potential scenarios:

· Hiring an amateur photographer who interrupts the highlights of your wedding by clumsily trotting around trying to take photos.

· Being asked to repeat your perfect kiss because the photographer missed it.

· Receiving dozens of blurry photos missing you and your loved ones.

· Having no wedding photo album to show you kids/grandkids when you are older.

· Missing that Disney moment with your spouse because you decide not to hire a photographer.

Grabbed your attention?

Good, because as nightmarish as these sounds it is somewhat a common occurrence. If you’re praying this doesn’t happen to you, that’s a good sign. It doesn’t need to.

How you ask?

The right photographer makes a world of difference.

You’ll be able to have photos that you can cherish for a lifetime.

That Disney moment you’ve always wanted, we’ll capture that

Your friends and family will be enamored.

People will pester you asking who did those photos for you

It’s okay, we are also smiling ear to ear. It’s exciting talking about weddings, especially making someone’s dreams come true. That’s why we guarantee you that we’ll be there every step of the way.

Who are we?

We are two London wedding photographers with years of experience in taking wedding photos.

Having experienced the beauty of weddings with our loved ones we know how special it can be and how terrifying it is to get it all wrong. This is why we want the best for you. We believe we can capture that special moment for you and let you carry it with you wherever you may go.

Why Believe Us?

Ask Kirsty & James

Kirsty and James first met in primary school. They began as kids usually do, with the teasing, then the note-passing, and then to angsty teens. Kirsty and James kind of always knew they had something special, kind of like love at first sight.

Their story really warmed our hearts. But what really sold us was the way they looked at each other after being with each other for over 15 years.

However, there was a bit of a problem. Kirsty and James similar to Romeo and Juliet were in a predicament. No not poisoning! Their photographer had bailed on them after months of planning and they didn’t know what to do.

As any good superheroes do, we prepared a rescue. 

On a warm Friday evening, we visited Kirsty and James’s residence. We sat for hours planning every special moment they’d like captured, all the way from walking down the aisle to that magical kiss.

Wedding Photographer FAQ

Let’s make your dream wedding come true together

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