Vacation & Holiday Photographer in London

WeShootYou provides exceptional storytelling photography for families & couples vacationing in London.

What is a London Vacation Photographer?

A London Vacation photographer is hired to document the travels of families and couples visiting famous landmarks in London. These photos are taken as memorabilia to document and remember their travels.

Who Do We Photograph as a London Vacation Photographer?

As London vacation photographers we capture families or couples vacationing in London. We help document their trip to beautiful famous landmarks across London including London Bridge, The London Eye, Southbank, St Paul’s Cathederal, Tower Hill, Covent Garden, Notting Hill and Greenwich. For more ideas see our article for more information on the best locations to take photographs in London.

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A close up photograph of a baby for a family photograph in the park.

Where Should We Take Vacation Photos in London?

We recommend taking family or couple vacation photographs in the most popular touristic locations of London. This includes famous parks such as Regents Park, Hampstead Heath park or famous landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge. See our article on the best family photoshoot locations in London.

Vacation & Holiday Photographs Near Big Ben Clock Tower

Big Ben makes for the best vacation photographs in London. It is one of the most iconic locations in London as tourists from all over the world come to take photographs there. Recently it has gone under much refurbishment making it look more wonderful.

Vacation & Holiday Photographs in Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is an excellent location for vacation photographs. It provides an iconic and spacious location to take photographs that look amazing during golden hour. It has easy access to the famous borough market a place known for its unique architecture which can act as a wonderful backdrop for photographs.

Vacation & Holiday Photographs in South Bank

We recommend a photoshoot in Southbank as it is a versatile area in the heart of London. You can easily commute from South Bank to famous landmarks such as Big Ben or the London Eye for some great family or couple photographs. There is also great spots in southbank itself such as areas with graffiti, a skateboard park or the Tate gallery.

Vacation & Holiday Photographs in Notting Hill

Another location we recommend is Notting Hill, known for its brightly colored houses and aesthetic streets. You can find houses with colors of all kinds in Notting Hill from bright pink to White. It’s also a short walk from the famous portobello road and Kensington which is known for it’s beautiful architecture and wealth.

Vacation & Holiday Photographs in London Parks

London parks are known for their amazing backdrops, especially Holland Park which is known for its Japanese-styled Kyoto Gardens and brightly colored flowers. This helps create the most unique and aesthetic backdrops so your vacation photos can look amazing. Regents Park is another well-known park, it’s particularly known for its lush gardens which provide great spaces to wander around for natural family or couple photographs.

London Vacation Photographer Pricing & Packages

London vacation photographers can cost from £300 – £1000, this is dependent on skill, experience & products requested. WeShootYou has packages beginning from £300. For a full pricing brochure please enquire.

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