9 Reasons Why Family Photography Is Important

1. Why Family Photos are Important?

Family photos are important as they help us connect with our families, strengthen bonds, and retell stories. When you share pictures with your children, they too can feel this connection and learn about the people who came before them. These family members played an important role in shaping who we are today. As we move forward in time, it’s the memories of our loved ones that we will hold onto most dearly.

2. Family Portraits Are Important for a Child’s Development

According to Pennstate family photographs play a supportive role in improving a child’s sense of belonging. It provides the child a visual representation of where they belong in their families and what relationships they have with those family members. This is vital for a child’s development.

To support a child’s sense of belonging you can create scrapbooks or have albums/heirlooms to look through and reminisce together. Have special places and labels for these heirlooms to highlight their importance to children and create stronger attachments.

A photograph of a black photo-album heirloom resting on a chest by WeShootYou.

4. Reliving Memories through Family Portraits

Family portraits are powerful as they can take you back to an exact moment in time and remind you not only of how you looked, but how you felt at that moment. They allow us to reminisce and are a part of our legacy. In the future, grandchildren and great-grandchildren may ask to see family photos, and it would be a shame if there were few or none to share. Having photographs brings families together and helps them look back on their lives.

Don’t wait for the perfect time to have a portrait session, make the time for it. Don’t make excuses or put it off any longer. If you’ve been thinking about having a family portrait taken, do it. Your children may not notice the few extra kilos or a smile line, but they will be disappointed in the future if there are no family photos to share with their own children. Family photos and history are important for sharing memories across generations.

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5. Documenting Your Children’s Growth

Another reason to get family & children photoshoot in London is to have your legacy documented. Every family has a rich history, to document your history keeps your legacy alive.

Children grow up so fast, to the point where they are already graduating from university in the blink of an eye. From the good, the bad, and the awkward, documenting your children’s growth, and your family’s evolution provides great memories to look back on and cherish. Families are always growing and changing, sometimes new additions arrive, and other times older relatives sadly pass away. In any circumstance, family photos capture and preserve these memories for a very long time.

6. Create Memories Together

And we don’t just mean through the photos themselves. We have gotten many messages from families telling us how much they enjoyed the shoot, from the challenges of getting their kids to not shy away from the camera, to capturing embarrassing, yet beautifully candid moments in their homes. These photo sessions are something you can look back at fondly in the future. 

7. A Personal Gift to Share

Family photography can be more than just a digital image, it can be a personal gift to share and evoke emotions whenever you stroll around the house. A professional photographer will get to know and understand you, and take gorgeous and well-composed photos that is fitting for any wall, desk, or album that will get people talking. It’s not just a piece of art, it’s also a conversation piece. 

An image of a frame displayed above a couch in someone's home. Used to commemorate photography.

8. A Professional Family Photo Means More Than a Quick Snap

Mobile phone photos just don’t have the same quality as photographs taken by a professional London family photographer when turning the photos into wall art or albums. A photographer’s job is to create photos that are memorable. Images that go far beyond a simple blurry photo, photographs that breathe and evoke emotions through the art of photography. This is done by careful framing, powerful photographic lenses and unique environments all which a photographer diligently takes into account when snapping a photograph for your family.

9. Hear what actual people have to say for their reason for family photos

Mrs. Jones testimonial to why she decided to get family photographs done

“The reason for the family photoshoot was simple – I just wanted to capture some beautiful memories of my family. We’re all so busy with our daily lives that it’s easy to forget how special and unique our bond is. Plus, my kids are growing up so fast and I didn’t want to miss the chance to capture this moment in time.”

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