4 Fantastic outdoor Family Photoshoot Ideas for you to try!

Nothing beats the great outdoors, and with everything that has gone wrong in 2020 and 2021, we truly get to appreciate the true beauty of fresh air and sunshine (unless if you live in England). 

The outdoors for all-season provides an opportunity for families to get beautiful family photos that look candid and genuine.

So, what are some great ways to take family photos outdoors? We answer those questions here.

Outdoor Activities & Fun

Outdoors activities are a great way of getting the whole family enthusiastic about the photoshoot, without thinking about the photoshoot. 

Think about group activities that you do occasionally, but also be mindful of your environment and the weather. For example, if you live in the woods, this might be a great opportunity for you to get your wellies on, and get stuck in for some green photoshoots, if you live by the beach, you might want to do a shoot with the family building a sandcastle or you might live in the city and might want a shoot in your favourite family cafe. Inside or outside the city, there’s always an idea for there to explore memorable moments to frame on your wall 

Family sitting on a log outside for family photo outside.

Exploring City or Parks 

This is an extension of our previous point, but as documentary photographers, we value ourselves on creating images with genuine and raw emotions. And nothing comes close to allowing you to take a walk down your favourite areas, whilst we capture intimate moments with you and your family. 

This can be for example a city exploration, a walk down the canal or even discovering the beautiful flower gardens in London which provide a wonderful backdrop for timeless photos and unforgettable memories. 

Too cold for an outdoor photoshoot? It might be worth considering some ideas for an Indoor family photoshoot

Shoot at Golden Hour 

We love, love shooting at golden hour. Whether your pictures are in colour or black and white, golden hour provides a soft and flattering image for photogenic portraits that will cause envy and admiration. 

There are multiple ways to achieve the perfect golden hour photos, but our favourite remains backlit photos, giving an almost creamy, ethereal backdrop when we apply a bit of bokeh (blurry background)

Golden hour photo over grass ridge. A great idea for an outdoor family portrait.

Grab your pet

If you have a furry friend to accompany you on your photoshoot, these will provide fun and heart-warming images, and this also helps families get a bit more comfortable with having their picture taken. 

Dogs and Cats are generally the favoured companions (obviously) but don’t hold back in bringing other more exotic animals for a unique photo experience. We once had a family bring an eagle to the shoot!

An image of a child playing with her cat in the outdoors as an idea for outdoor family picture.

Give it a wirl and try your own outdoor family photoshoot!

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