How To Choose a Family Photographer

Let’s Explore How to Choose the Best Family Photographer for You

Want to hire a Family photographer in London? But you’re struggling to find the right family photographer? Learn how to find the right family photographer with our tips below.

1. Pick a Photographer whose style you love

Understanding your photographer’s style is crucial to ensure you’re happy with the end result. This style can significantly affect how your photos look, so choosing a photographer whose style matches your vision is best. To do this make sure the photographer you’re selecting has a consistent style, this will ensure that you are satisified with the outlook of the photographs and it will match your expectations.

Julia rubbing her nose with her mum in family photograph taken by WeShootYou in London

2. Questions to ask a Family Photographer

Asking questions to your prospective family photographer is so essential. By posing these inquiries, you can gain a deeper understanding of their style, pricing, experience, and approach to their work. This helps ensure they can deliver photographs that align with your expectations and preferences.

Consider asking these questions:

  • Where do the sessions usually take place?
  • Is the photographer insured, and do they provide a contract?
  • How will they help prepare for the photo shoot?
  • What’s the waiting period to view and receive the photographs?
  • How much retouching do they do?
  • Understanding their photography style.
  • Asking if they can share a portfolio of their previous family photography work.
  • If children are involved, understanding their experience in working with kids.
  • How they handle difficult subjects or situations.
  • Their rescheduling policy due to weather, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Can they provide references from previous clients?
  • Turnaround time for proofs and the final photos.
  • Whether they provide digital copies or only prints.
  • What’s included in their package, and if photo retouching or editing is included.
  • Charges, what’s included in this fee, and any potential additional costs.
  • Whether they bring their own equipment and props.
  • Preferred shooting locations – studio, home, outdoors, or suggested locations.
  • The duration of a typical family photo session.
  • If they offer guidance on outfits or color schemes for photographs.
  • Their process to ensure they capture the type of photos you want.
  • If they can accommodate special requests, like specific poses or locations.
  • How they ensure the safety of subjects during the shoot, especially if infants are involved.
  • Their approach to making the photo shoot a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

3. Ask Where Does The Family Photoshoot Take Place

Examine the photographer’s website as this can provide clues about their preferred shooting locations. Their portfolio and session details will show if they use a studio, outdoor settings, clients’ homes, or a mix.

If you fancy a specific outdoor site, ask the photographer if they have the required access permissions. Many picturesque sites like public parks or National Trust locations mandate permits or professional photography fees. To prevent any disruptions, ensure all necessary permissions are sorted. Also, inquire about who’s responsible for these fees.

4. How Much Does a Family Photoshoot cost?

Inquiring about the cost of a family photoshoot is essential to ensure that the service fits within your budget and offers good value for money. Prices can vary greatly, depending on factors such as the photographer’s experience, the shoot’s length, and location, and any additional services like photo retouching. Knowing the cost upfront helps you avoid unexpected expenses and allows you to compare rates with other photographers to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

Additionally, understanding the cost can clarify what’s included in the package, like the number of prints or digital copies, so you know precisely what you’re paying for. Ultimately, asking about the cost is a crucial step in selecting the right photographer for your needs and expectations.

5. How Long Will It Take For the Family Photographer to Deliver Your Photographs?

It’s really important to get a clear understanding of when your family photos will be ready so you can set expectations. Different photographers have their own processes & workloads, so delivery times for photo galleries can vary. Plus, if you’re aiming to use these snaps for a special occasion or as gifts, you’ll want to make sure they’ll be done in time. So, having a chat about delivery timelines can improve your expectations and avoid uncomfortable conversations.

6. How Will the Photographer Help You to Prepare for Your Family Photoshoot?

A seasoned family photographer can bring a wealth of experience to advise you on the most important things required for a photo shoot to ensure you’re prepared. They can advise on the ideal locations, the most photogenic outfits, pricing, effective poses, and even strategies for managing children’s expectations and moods during the session. At the end of the day each photographer will vary in the advice they give.

7. Make Sure Their Family Photography Portfolio Is Great

A photographer’s portfolio is important when considering hiring them because it serves as a visual representation of their skills, experience, and style. A portfolio allows you to see the photographer’s past work and evaluate whether their style, creativity, and technical skills align with your vision and expectations for your own photography needs.

8. Find an Experienced Family Photographer

An experienced photographer has the necessary skills and knowledge to capture high-quality images that accurately represent your family’s unique personality and dynamics.

They will have a better understanding of how to use lighting, composition, and camera settings to create the desired effect and evoke the right emotions in the photographs.

They will also know how to work with different age groups, from newborns to seniors, and be able to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that encourages natural and authentic moments.

9. Choose a Family Photographer with a Personality that Matches Yours

The personality of a family photographer can impact your overall photography session so it’s important that you get along with them.

A friendly and approachable personality can help establish a strong rapport, creating a relaxed atmosphere for more authentic photos. Their communication skills also play a vital role in understanding your preferences and ensuring a smooth session. An adaptable photographer can effectively handle unforeseen situations, like weather changes or last-minute requests.

Lastly, professionalism and reliability are key traits that contribute to superior customer service, providing a stress-free experience from booking to receiving the final images.

10. Where to Find a Family Photographer 


Ask friends and family members if they know of any good family photographers. Personal recommendations can be very helpful in finding a reputable photographer.

Online Searches:

Use search engines like Google & Bing to find family photographers in your area. Be sure to check their reviews and ratings from previous clients. You can do this by viewing the Google Business profile or Facebook reviews or even Trustpilot.

Social Media:

Many family photographers use social media to showcase their work and interact with potential clients. You can search for photographers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • Facebook: One example is browsing Facebook groups including photographer groups, parent based groups or your local region based groups.
  • Instagram: you can find photographers via using hashtags i.e. #familyphotographerlondon, #familyphotographybrixton. Using regional and local hashtags can help find photographers near you.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is a great place for finding photographers. Use the search bar on pinterest to find local family photographers using local keywords. Another reason pinterest is a great place to find a family photographer is that photographers usually host exerpts portfolios on their own pineterest so you can get a visual idea of their style.

Photography Associations:

Professional photography associations can provide you with a list of reputable family photographers in your area. Consider checking out organizations such as BIPP British Institute of Professional Photography or the BPAA. These sites are great for finding reputable photographers as they thoroughly vet the members of these groups to a high standard.


By following the tips and advice outlined in this guide, you can find a reputable family photographer who can help you capture cherished memories that will last a lifetime and avoid disappointment.

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