Easy Family Photo Ideas to Try at home

Home is where the heart is, rings true for all families. Families often choose to do their photoshoots at home, because your home is where you spend most of your cherished memories, and your home is where you see your family grow. You might squabble and have falling outs, but your home always pulls you back. 

Whether you are just settling in, or you’ve spent a bit of time in your house, we are here to document your memories and provide you with a tapestry of memories with our photography. 

So what kind of ideas do we like for indoor family photos? 

Structure a Shoot Around Activities 

This can especially be good if there is a wide gap of ages within the family. This makes a good combination of spontaneous and posed photos across different generations. 

There are so many things you can do as a family activity, and this can be (we encourage this) based on your usual indoors family activities. Board games, watching tv, painting, reading books, building puzzles etc. These are some of our favourite activities families like to do during our photoshoots! 

This is a great way to frame treasured memories, as a passing reminder of the good times you had as a family. 

An idea for a candid indoor photo of family playing board games. together

Dressing Formally Indoors

If you are looking for something more clean-cut, then you can opt for a formal photo. This can be very aesthetically pleasing if done correctly. All it needs is the right outfit, the right setting and the right motivation! 

These pictures can look very elegant and classy, we definitely suggest putting on your best formal wear for the occasion. For men and the boys, this will generally be a blazer or suit, for the ladies you have a little more variation, as this can range from a dress, blouse or even a blazer as well! 

A Day In the Life Snap

In true cine-Verte/documentary photography style, this is our favourite way of working. As documentary photographers, this is our favourite way of taking pictures. It can be challenging, but this is why we love it! Crafting stories don’t always happen in an instant, just like an Attenborough special, it requires time and patience to capture the right moment. 

This can be the moment your child walks in from school, lunchtime, dinner time, playtime etc. Whatever the moment, a true documentary family photographer will be there to capture the moment.

A quick candid picture of a baby in her crib representing the idea of candid in home photography ideas.

Special Occasion Shots 

Why not capture your family’s special moments for a lifetime of memories? What better than an indoor family portrait idea? Especially taken during moments of unbridled emotions, the agony, the ecstasy, the tears and the laughter, can all be captured into a beautiful canvas for your walls. 

We like doing photos during birthdays, your child’s first day at school or even a christening. These special events can be cherished forever in the most elegant way. 

An indoor photo of a family celebrating a special occassion

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