20 Amazing Sibling Family Photoshoot Ideas to try

We all know sibling rivalry runs its course through families from time to time, that’s why it’s always good to throw in some bonding time to make sure the kids aren’t rowdy all the time. In fact, photographs can be a great way of easing tensions as well as making unbreakable bonds between siblings. 

Here are our 20 ideas of showing the kids some love.

1. The Arm Wrap

Position your kids in the middle of the photograph so they’re the centerpiece of the image. This gives them a real focus.

Now, that you’ve positioned the kids in the right place, have one or both of the wrap their arm around each other’s shoulders. 

If your kids are giving you a little trouble, you can always bribe them with a little butterscotch sweet! I know that worked for me as a kid! Once they’re ready for a snap, snag that photo for a real candid effect.

A picture of two siblings embracing each other in arms for a sibling family portrait

2. The playful shot

Taking a nice photo of kids playing can make for some of the best candid images, in fact it’s also great because it’s applicable for children of all ages. Some great ideas to create a playful shot include taking a picture of your children sharing toys with each other if they’re very young or alternatively if they’re older playing a sport together like football in the park.

3. Play fighting

Are you kids acting out WWE? Play fighting over the couch over some toys? Whatever the case, flip out your phone or camera and get a quick snap.

4. Recreating family photos

This one is for the older siblings that have grown up. Ever had that memorable family photo of siblings together? Like the rock with his old baggy pouch? That’s exactly we we’re thinking. Try recreating the image in the same fashion, wearing the same clothes, same facial expression and ideally same area. 

5. Siblings Eating together for Sibling Family Portrait

Who doesn’t love a bit of mum’s spaghetti? Does it really scream memories if you don’t have a photograph of your children eating together with spaghetti stains dripping all over their shirts.

Grab your camera, get a few white bibs and get messy with your little ones. 

Worried that your children are too old for this? The alternative is taking a nice little snap for a homely family dinner

6. Lollipop, Lolipop, oh Lolipop!

Pair a sunny day, a small kid and a lollipop and your have some very happy toddlers. This is a great way of keeping the kids at bay and grabbing a really nice candid picture of your children enjoying themselves, especially when you’ve got a few of them.

A child licking a lolipop for a photograph illustrating a potential idea of using a lolipop pro for sibling photography

7. Build a Snowman

Do you hear it in the background? The bells ringing? The Christmas Choir? Yes it’s that time of the year, and hopefully it’s snowing where you are. 

One of the few times of the year you can take a photograph of the snow, December. If you’re fortunate enough for it to be snowing where you are, you can build a snowman together. Not only is building a snowman a great activity that engages the whole family, but you can get the siblings to pose in a family with frosty the snowman.

Siblings working together on Building a snowman for a sibling photoshoot idea

8. Water Fight

Now this is the total opposite of the previous idea. What you’ll need is a warm summers day and a few water guns you can grab from your local Argos. A picture of siblings and the extended family shooting water at each other is an absolute blast. It makes for delight for laughs and joys to remember for years to come, whatever the age!

water balloons being used for a sibling water fight

9. Hair braiding

If you have some girls, braiding their hair is a great way of bonding together whether you’re a dad or a mum, your girls will love you so much more. There’s so much you can do with this, you can decide to document this with daddy/mummy to braid the hair of his girls, making for a great daddy/mummy and daughter photograph or have the kids feature in a whole family photograph with hair braided already. 

10. Famous Sibling Dress Up

Halloween isn’t the only time to dress up, in fact there’s so many occasions to dress up whether it’s for fun or your children are feeling funky. Dressing up the family is a great way of making fabulous night, everyone gets to play a part. 

You could decide to dress up the children/family as famous movie characters such as Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean, alternatively, Christmas characters like Santa Claus etc. The possibilities are endless.

11. Vintage shot

If you’re feeling retro a good idea for a sibling family picture is taking a photograph with a retro film camera, you can find plenty easy to use film cameras from any charity shop or even e-bay. We recommend using simple point and shoot cameras like the Olympus MJU II for some timeless vintager styled photographs. Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of long processing times, you can opt for a polaroid camera to get an instant print to stick to your fridge. 

12. Pillow fight

Grab a pair of the softest pillows you can and join the family in a little pillow fight. This is a great way to get older siblings involved including grumpy teenagers. 

13. A Swing Photograph

The swing-set is a forever classic, whatever the era. Have you ever seen a picture without a child on a swing set? No? Neither have we. Whip out your camera and capture beautiful moving styled stills.

an image of a child on a swing for a family photo

14. Playing on the slides

This is a great idea for young siblings, and it’s very easy to do. 

Simply find a local park with a slide, ideally with an open slide and snap away as the kids zip down the slides together.

Another idea is to have mum or dad hold one of the siblings and slide down the slides with your children in your lap – this makes a daddy and mummy combo with the siblings!

15. Jump rope

Going back to the classics, jump rope is one of the all time favourites of many children. You’ll have no issues telling your kids that you’re going to play some jump rope together. Smile with joy rope swings around, and the feets jump off the floor to the beat of the rope. 

16. Hopscotch

One of the easiest ideas to do is the hop scotch, this idea requires minimum effort. If you own a piece of chalk, great! You can get cracking and start drawing the numbered squares. Alternatively you can find chalk at lots of depot stores like B&Q or Halfords or even Tesco.

An illustration of a game of hop scotch to be used for an idea for a photo of siblings playing hopscotch for a photoshoot

17. Hugging teddy bears for Sibling Family Portraits

This is a great way to put old toys in to use, especially teddy bears, so dust off that old teddy and take a nice snap of your littler ones cuddling a teddy together.

Don’t own one? Pop down to your local Smyth’s you’ll find a huge array of cute teddies, and opt for the biggest and cutest one. A giant teddy bear will act like a bean bag, so siblings can sit on it together and beam with their smiles ear to ear. 

idea of a Child hugging a teddy for a sibling portrait

18. Trip to a Fun Fair

Grab your children and go down to the fun-fair, treat yourself! There’s all sorts of things you can do here, take photos with cotton candy, hot-dogs and ride the meanest or the cutest rides or best of all take breath taking neon styled photographs. 

Photograph of a fun fair

19. Birthday Party

Birthday parties are loved by all no matter the age! Get the cake ready, some balloons and a big cheer! 

An image of a birthday cake with candles to be used as an idea for a sibling birthday photoshoot idea

20. Try Hand Painting

Arts and crafts are one of the best ways to get your childrens creative ideas popping especially hand-painting. Hand painting whether it be on walls or canvas paper can create bonding moments to cherish forever. 

There are couple of things you can do here, get your children to pose together with their coloured hands with the palms facing the camera and a giant smile or even just with their pieces of art.

If you feel for the challenge why not check our other article 24 MORE family picture ideas?

An image of a child using hand paint for a sibling portrait idea

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