12 Funny Family Photoshoot Ideas

Some of the best photographs come out when the whole family is having a barrel of laughs.


A good chuckle brings up a natural full smile, something of joy that is difficult to replicate. Natural photos like these are candid, so they always look like they’ve been captured in the moment. Besides, why not have fun while you’re doing you funny family photoshoot?

We’ve come up with a few ideas that’ll make your family have a barrel of laughs.

1. Sticking your tongue out!

The cheeky tongue out pose is an absolute classic, why not have a go? Instead of saying cheese when someone is taking a photo, stick your tongue out, and maybe give the photographer a wink!

Family Sticking tongue out for funny family photoshoot

2. Playing with Toys

Get the toy box out and have a blast! Toys are a great way of bonding with your family and creating unforgettable moments full of laughter.

Some ideas include, racing your kids toy cars. This always gets the little ones going and really engaging.

Alternatively, if you know of that one special toy, you know which your kids can’t live without grab it! Whether it’s Terry the Dinosaur or George the monkey – grab it and give the kids a show!

Kids playing with toys for funny family photoshoot

3. Having a Puppet Show

Grew up watching Sesame Street? Love the cookie Monster? Elmo? So do we. You can share that beautiful experience with the kids by acting our their favourite characters in a hand-puppet show – it always guarantees a good laugh!

A picture of a elmo the puppet.

4. Shadow Puppets

If you’re a fan of theatre you’ll love this idea.

Shadow puppets have been used as a form of entertainment for centuries, dating back to Central asia-china to 1st BCE.

So, you’re wondering how you do it?

Grab yourself a pencil, some cardboard and scissors. You’ll need to draw an outline of a figure and a cut-out. Once you’ve created your figures grab a lamp, a dark room and get your figures dancing on your wall.

Wollah! You’ve created a comedy sketch that you’ll family will love.

5. Pie in the face!

Sit dad down and grab the kids and ready up for a pie in the face. This classic idea originates in slapstick comedy, first seen in a film in 1909 in the silent film Mr. Flip.

The setup is simple, get a few newspapers for the floor to prevent a mess and dad. Once you have your camera ready, get ready for some snaps of the family chuckling at dad or mums pie covered face.

A picture of a pie. Illustrating the paragraph.

6. Thumb War

Everybody played this as a kid, you, your neighbour – everyone! Playing this is simple, get your thumbs ready and play with your kids – old or young!

7. Throwing the kids in the air

We know what you’re thinking. No, we don’t mean just throwing them up there haha, be careful and take safety measures, do this over a bed or a bouncy castle, but make sure to catch them on their way down. This will no doubt get them laughing.

Dad throwing his daughter in the air for family photoshoot, and daughter enjoying herself and laughing.

8. Funny Film Character Dress up

Have that character you’ve always wanted to dress up as? Now you and your family can have an excuse to dress up as characters that have made you laugh. Some cool ideas you can try are Disney characters or even LoonyToon characters like Donald Duck, the Coyote or Bugs Bunny.

An illustration of a man dressed up in a penguin suit for a funny family photograph.

9. Hiring out a bouncy castle

Every kids dream is a bouncy castle on their birthday, not only will this bring endless fun and laughter it will give you an excuse to be as silly as you want, making for the most authentic photos.

10. Jump rope

Skip rope is not only a good way of exercise but can be a great way of connecting with the children.

An image of jump rope equipment - great for funny family photos.

11. Grab some face paint

This one of our favourites – face paint is used across many cultures across the globe to express feels and emotions.

Hundreds things can be done with face paint, whether you want to paint you and your family as animals or even pretend to be a celebrity with make-up – the possibilities are endless!

a kid with face paint make up - a great idea for funny family pictures

12. Playing with the family pet

Do you have a pet that you adore? A dog, a cat or even a cow? Now is the time to show them some love and grab your family for a quick snap with your cuddly little or big friend.

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