What to Wear to A family Photoshoot: 10 Great tips

Before a family session, we always get asked what outfits should we wear to the family photoshoot?  In our experience, the clothes you wear for your family photography session can impact the overall outcome of your photos.

It is essential to plan your outfits carefully to ensure that your family looks coordinated, stylish, and camera-ready. In this blog, we will provide you a guideline on what to wear on a family photography shoot before you book a family photographer in London.

Here is a guide on what to wear for your family photoshoot: 

1. Wear Comfortable Clothes You’re Confident In

For family photoshoot we recommend plain & comfortable clothing including plain jeans, t-shirts, or light dresses. Avoid uncomfortable clothes such as suits and other formal wear. You should also avoid clothes that may distract the observer from the subject in the photo such as patterned shirts or clothes with bright colours.

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2. Think About The Location of The Photoshoot

The location of the photoshoot can have a significant impact on what you wear to your family photoshoot. The colour of the backdrops or environment may determine what type of colours or style of clothes you wear.

For instance consider how the locations below would have an impact:

  • Beach Photoshoot: For instance, if you’re having a beach photoshoot opt for casual and light clothing like sun dresses, linen shirts, or even swimsuits. Bright colors and prints contrast well against the sand and sea.
  • Urban/City Setting: If you’re having a photoshoot in an urban setting a sophisticated, sleek look is ideal. Choose chic, modern outfits with solid colors that stand out against the city’s complex textures.
  • Natural/Forest Setting: Consider earth tones or jewel hues that complement the surrounding greenery. Different textured outfits can also add depth to your photos.
  • Studio Setting: You have more flexibility here. Neutral or monochrome outfits work well, especially with a colored or patterned backdrop. Don’t shy away from bold or graphic outfits for a visually appealing element.

3. Consider the Season Before Choosing an Outfit:

The impact of the season on clothing for a family photoshoot is considerable due to changes in weather, natural colors, and overall atmosphere. For example see below how each season may affect what you wear for a family photoshoot.

  • Spring: During spring clothing tends to be lighter both in weight and color. Fabrics are breathable and comfortable for mild weather. Pastels and floral patterns often feature to mirror the blooming environment.
  • Summer: Due to the heat, families often opt for cool, lightweight clothing. Bright colors and neutrals are common, reflecting the vibrancy of the season. Sun protection accessories may also feature, influencing the overall look.
  • Autumn/fall: As temperatures drop and foliage changes color, warm and richly-toned outfits become more popular. Layering becomes necessary for comfort and adds a different dynamic to the photos. Clothing often mirrors the earthy tones of the environment.
  • Winter: In contrast to the often white or gray winter scenery, families might wear deeper, vibrant colors or even winter whites. The necessity for heavier clothing, such as coats, scarves, and hats, adds a different dimension to the photos, introducing textures and layers.

4. Colours To Wear to Family Photoshoot: Choose Complimentary Colours

When deciding how to dress for your family photoshoot choose colors that complement each other such as:

  • Neutral Colours: White, Beige, Gray or Black
  • Earthy Tones: Green, Brown & Rust
  • Pastels: Pink, Blue or Purple

Avoid bright, bold colors or patterns that may clash or distract from the overall look of the photo.

An image showing what are the most complimentary colors for a family photoshoot. In the image there variety of types of colours including Neutrals, Earthy Tons and Pastels. All recommended for family photoshoots.

5. Wear Outfits that Coordinate But Don’t Match

While you want your family to look coordinated, it’s important to avoid wearing identical outfits. Instead, aim for a cohesive look by choosing clothes that complement each other. Get your family to choose 3 or 4 outfits with colours and shades that work well together but don’t all match.

6. Wear Accessories in Your Family Photoshoot:

Accessories can add a touch of personality and style to your family’s overall look. Consider adding a statement piece, such as a necklace or scarf, to your outfit to make it stand out. If you’re unsure about which accessories to choose, go for classic pieces that won’t go out of style and that complement your outfit.

7. Wear Simple Clothes for Your Family Photoshoot

When in doubt, keep it simple. Avoid overcomplicating your outfit with too many patterns, colors, or accessories. Remember that the focus of your family photography shoot should be on the family, not the clothes. Keep it classic and timeless to ensure that your photos look just as good years down the line as they do today.

8. Wear Suitable Footwear

For a family photoshoot, choose footwear that complements your outfits and aligns with the theme of the shoot as well as the environment. If the weather is rainy consider wearing boots to provide protection against rain and puddles, however, wear it’s warm think about wearing sandals or breathable trainers. We also suggest wearing colours that compliment your outfit.

9. Hair and Makeup for Your Family Photoshoot

While you don’t need to wear a full face of makeup or style your hair in an intricate updo, it’s essential to consider your hair and makeup for your family photography shoot. Choose a hairstyle that complements your outfit and your face shape. Keep your makeup simple and natural, highlighting your best features without overpowering your overall look.

10. Plan Outfits Ahead Of Your Family Photoshoot:

Planning your outfits ahead of time will save you from unnecessary stress on the day of your family photography shoot. Lay out each family member’s outfit a few days before the shoot, ensuring that everything is clean, ironed, and fits well. You can also do a trial run by taking some test shots at home to see how your

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