7 Family Maternity Photoshoot Ideas To try Today 

Are you just about to start a new family? Or are you adding another cute little one to your current bundle of joy! We fully understand maternity is a very important 9 months of a woman’s life, and as documentary photographers, we thrive on capturing the agony and the ecstasy of the maternity stages, and giving the mother a beautiful portrait or album that she will cherish forever. 

We are dedicated to providing a service that will capture the journey of motherhood, that will surely be a timeless portrait that will be the talking point of your home for years!

So here are some family maternity photoshoot ideas we generally work with.

Using a Silhouette

Silhouettes are a great way of creating a bit of mystery and preserving the magic of pregnancy. These are generally elegantly curated images, which highlights the baby bump, without revealing too much. The reason why we like this type of shoot is that we believe the relationship between a mum and her baby during the pregnancy stage is intimate and personal – so this provides a great way to cement anonymity between mother and child, and make them the stars of the show without any distracting elements. 

We recommend doing these shoots with a shoot of mum on her own, with a few with dad or his/her potential siblings in the picture to show a bit of solidary between the family.

Exploring the Outdoors

Outdoor is a great place to start for your maternity photoshoot, this is great if you already have kids, this can be just a regular day out between the expecting mother and the family in the park, the dad or/and kids interacting with the mother, touching the baby bump and making her feel comfortable and reassured, as she goes through 9 months of carrying a bay! You can also go for a city-based shoot, with the mother and family walking through the city, or even going to her favourite cafe. 

The idea is to get the mother doing her favourite activities whilst feeling comfortable and at peace with the people, she’s with.

a picture illustrating the idea of using the outdoors for family-maternity photoshoot

The Comfy Household Maternity Photo

Conversely, an indoor photoshoot might be an option if you are late into your pregnancy, or if you just prefer the comfort of your own home. You ideally want to choose an area of your home with a lot of significance, this can be the baby’s nursery, your room or even the living room. Whatever your choice, we want the mother to be as comfortable as possible for her photoshoot 

Maternity with Siblings

You should absolutely include photos of the mother, the bump and other siblings. The children will eventually form a bond with the baby, so give them something to reminisce about, after they grow older, and start fighting each other for trivial reasons. Having spoken to many mothers, they find this is a great way of making their existing children feel involved! 

Interested in more family ideas with siblings? Explore some ideas on it!

Introduce some furry friends

Pets are your best friend, and if there is something I’ve learnt, pets (especially dogs) form a strong bond with your baby, This one will take a bit of effort, as controlling a pet for a shoot is requires a whole different set of skills. But eventually, this provides you with memorable and aww-worthy pictures that is unique to your family 

family pet for maternity photo idea

Lighhearted Photograph

Why not give your chance to let loose, we’ve spoken to many parents, and pregnancy is an effort! So why not make this a unique experience by bringing your sense of humour into your family photoshoot that tells a story about your personality. You can go for silly and candid moments, with funny faces, or whilst sharing an inside joke with the family, or you can use a funny prop that makes your photos ten times better, and ten times funnier.  If you’re interested, why not check out some more funny family photo ideas?

Why not try a prop?

Add a bit more meaning to your pictures by using a prop that is significant to you! Perhaps you want to involve the first baby clothes you bought for your expecting baby, or perhaps a shot of the mother looking into the empty cot. Whatever it is, try to keep it light and try to keep one or two items, so you don’t completely take the attention away from the baby bump!

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