5 Cool Photo Shoot Ideas to do with your Kids

1. Cowboy dress up

Ever seen those westerns?

You know the ones with the cowboys, saloons, and dust that seems to be blowing everywhere? Think Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

What kid doesn’t love to play the good guy in a gunslinging Western?

We absolutely love doing this theme for a child friendly photo shoot! Your kid gets to rock a beard, some 80s heeled boots, a cowboy hat, and a lasso. Parents can even get involved too!

What you could do is temporarily set-up your living room as a western themed bar. Grab some hay and chuck it on the floor, get some wooden chairs from the attic, paint some beer bottles to make them look like moonshine. Go nuts!

2. Become a Hero

We can’t take the credit for this one, unfortunately! We got the idea from one of our clients who was keen to dress up her son as Spiderman for a recent portrait.

The tricky question is: which hero to choose?

When I was a nine years old, I invented my own superhero called “Acid Man”. He was a scientist who accidentally fell into a vat of acid, meaning his DNA merged with the acid, giving him the ability to shoot corrosive acid out of his fingertips.

I know … it’s ridiculous. But my mother made a green cape and mask for me, and I had the time of my life pretending I was “Acid Man”.

Your child obviously doesn’t have to have invent their own superhero. There’s a huge range of choices from both the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the DC Universe. Batman, Spiderman, Wonderwoman, Flash Gordon, and Black Widow are our personal favourites. It’s also pretty easy to find pre-made costumes for all of these characters.

Another option is to get some green face paint, rip some sleeves off some old shirts, grab some purple pants, and bam! You’ve got a (mini) Hulk on your hands. Not only will your kids thank you for this, but you’ll get to reenact your favourite movie scenes.

3. All Barbie Doll’d Up!

This one is for the mother and daughter combination. It’s the perfect opportunity to rock some blonde highlights, stilletos, and outrageous pink sunglasses. Perfect for some mother and daughter bonding time. To make this even cooler, we suggest grabbing a doll house, repainting a room pink, and maybe throwing in some fancy tea-cups in the mix.

Now we bet you’re thinking, well dad really wants a go!

We get it! You have our permission to dress dad up as a Ken Doll to participate. Simply get some suave fitted clothes and blonde dye, and he should be good to go.

4. Take them to the Lake District

The Lake district is known for its lush greenery, and beautiful cottage views. The Lake District is also famous for being a world heritage site. It’s lovely green England in its full glory!

Just imagine, you’ll be able to show your children some of the best views on the planet.. You’ll also be able take a cosy boat-ride from Coniston Village and peer out the gentle lake.

We’ve done a family shoot here before and fell in love with the place. It’s a really special location to capture photos with your family.

5. 50’s Themed Dress Up

Dressing like you’re in the 50’s involves quite a few essential itmes: creaseless dress shirts, and flowery dresses jump to mind.

You can get all the family involved in this fun idea, from dad dressing like a 50’s businessmen with a classic fedora, grey overcoat, and white shirt. The little boys could sport some greasy slick back pomenade styled hair.

What about the location?

Well, there’s several potential options here. You could redocorate the house with 50s styled furniture. Think red checkered cloths, classic wooden tables and chairs, old radios, and pink cabinets. The whole shabang!

If you’re thinking that’s a bit too much, there’s a few places you could actually visit for that authentic 50’s feeling. The Sketch is a retro 50’s style resturant, draped with pink furniture. It’s located in Mayfair, in the heart of Central London.

Although it’s not a 50’s styled bar, we feel that Nola aslo deserves a cheeky little mention. It’s a 30’s styled cocktail bar situated in Bethnal Green, with jazzy vibes to make your photoshoot that little bit more authentic.

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