Christmas Family Photoshoot Ideas

Can you feel it? The cool breeze of the wind, the glow of street decorations, the buzzing of crowds on the high street and the fall of the Autumn leaves. You know what this means right? Christmas is coming. We might have had last year’s Christmas taken away from us, but this is a new year, full of opportunities for rich experiences with your family that you missed out on in 2020. 

So whilst most holiday traditions involve enjoying your hot chocolate, Christmas presents and the winter snow (hopefully), why not think about doing something memorable and timeless for your family? Christmas is the perfect time for a family photo shoot. 

Aren’t you just tired and bored of unimaginative and lifeless family photos, where everybody is feigning a smile, and your children sit there hating every moment of it? 

We aim to provide documentary-style photography, which is different from your usual family photographers. We really like to get to know the people we are taking photos of, especially for an event like Christmas. 

So other than Christmas biscuits and mulled wine, how can you spice up your Christmas with family photos? 

A picture taken of a family enjoying themselves decorating a christmas tree for a christmas family photoshoot,

The Great Outdoors

Whether it’s the city or the suburbs, Christmas galvanises the spirits of the public and this in turn lights up any environment it touches. This gives you a great opportunity as a family to explore the great outdoors and take beautiful family photos. 

We suggest you either take your photos in beautiful greenery within the woods (e.g. Highgate Village) or your local park (Hamstead Heath), or within the city where it’s full of Christmas Spirits (Winterwonderland and Southbank are great locations for this type of shoot, and areas that truly embrace the festiev season).

Santa Baby 

Who is the most recognisable face for Christmas? He’s big, he’s red and he’s’ bearded. No, it’s not childish, it’s fun. Why not embrace the silly side of Christmas and get someone to dress up as Santa (I am looking at you dad). Or a better idea? Get everyone to put on the red and white suit and dress up as Santa. It’s a fun way of doing your photo shoot, which brings everybody’s guard down and gives you something to talk about, as you reminisce the perfect Christmas! Plus who doesn’t look good in red? 

A baby wearing a santa hat for a christmas family photoshoot idea

Christmas Pictures With White & Gold

White and gold is a Christmas classic. It’s an elegant look that will result in beautiful Christmas photos, with a timeless appeal. Our suggestion is to go for a white outfit for the family, surrounded by golden Christmas balls and garlands sprinkled with gold. Essentially the idea is to contrast the white, with an accent of gold in the surroundings for a movie like Christmas look. 

Snow and gold is also a winning combination in a photograph. You can either cheat by getting artificial snow inside the house or cross your fingers and hope for a white Christmas in the UK. Similarly with the dress, here you can contrast the snow with accents of gold, with garlands, Christmas balls and other accessories. 

Nordic Style Sweaters

Nordic Christmas jumpers are a fun way of celebrating Christmas with the family. They come in all sorts of patterns and colours and look great in pictures. 

You can either go for matching sweaters or be bold and rebellious and go for different sweaters. You can either couple this with an outdoors shoot with the snow, or you can do it in the comfort of your home, either way, there is a warmth and brightness to this style that transcends your typical modern design through the use of rustic elements, natural evergreen and glamorous fur details. 

Personally, our favourite environment for these sweaters are dimly lit living rooms, with a warm ambience, and the glow of Christmas lights the surroundings. This tranquil atmosphere makes it easy for you to relax, look into each other’s eyes for a warm and cosy Christmas photo. 

A toddler wearing a nordic patterned christmas jumper in a photograph with Santa.

Fairy Lights 

Seriously! Is there such thing as a Christmas without fairy lights? These are excellent accessories for a DIY Christmas photoshoot. Christmas fairy lights are so versatile, and you don’t need to make any staged photos, you can let the light do the magic for you! 

Wrap the fairy lights around the family, tether on different ends or keep them in your surroundings for an enchanting feel in the pictures, through bokeh (blur of the lights in the camera). 

An image of the entrance of a house decorated with fairy lights - as an idea for bokeh for family christmas photo ideas.

Unwrapping Presents 

Is there a better joy on than the unwrapping of presents on Christmas? See the joy on your loved ones as they wait in anticipation, and then jubilation for when they open their presents on boxing day (or even before if you’re looking for a cheeky photoshoot before Christmas). 

As we mentioned before, we are documentary photographers with a cine verte style of photography that focuses on real emotions. And the excitement and joy of opening Christmas presents do exactly that!

By The Christmas Tree 

There is a certain joy and warmth to a family putting up christmas decorations on the family Christmas tree. It will always get messy, family members will collide, but in the end once you finish with your decoration, you get to sit back in admiration and look at the beautiful christmas tree you put up as a family.

And this provides a wonderful opportunity for us as photographers to capture raw emotions that giving your pictures a very genuine and candid feel.

Family Vacation 

If you are looking for something special and different, and want a trip away from the UK for something new and fresh. Then why not think about a photo shoot on your trip abroad? Holidays are exciting times, and each country has their own way of celebrating Christmas. And why not capture the time you tried something new and different, and take a family vacation portrait? 

Ideally, we say no to pictures in the hotel, because it’s so boring and unnatural. We recommend photos of you right in the environment, embracing Christmas in another world. And if you already have been doing that, and have a holiday home to prove it, this is also a great idea for natural photos in a familiar environment. 

Movie Inspired Photos

Christmas films are a staple of the festive season. From The Grinch, Home Alone or something quirky like The Nightmare before christmas, there are hundreds of fun and festive Christmas films to dress up as, and take inspiration from.

Films are a great conversational topic to bond and reminisce over good times with, with friends and family, so this gives you the perfect opportunity to create a nostalgic photograph that will be as timeless as the movie you pay homage to.

How to book your ideal Chrismas Photographer 

There are a couple of things to do in order to establish getting your personal photographer for your festive family photoshoot. First, you must select your destination, and then proceed to fill out a short booking form. Where you can book a consultation, where we will discuss how we will proceed with your photoshoot. 

Since the holiday season always tends to get a little busy, we recommend booking your family photoshoot in advance to secure a shoot date and not miss out on any opportunities!

We always try to provide a comfortable space for you and your family, and like to get to know our clients. Taking photos can be a daunting experience, even when you are amongst your loved onces. It can lead to a lot of stiffness and yelling over each other, but we will be there to ease those tensions and provide you with memorable photos that you can cherish forever. It is important for us as photographers and artists, to capture raw authenticity of our photos, this mean we trust you to go about your business and act as you normally would in front of each other. Be yourself and enjoy a great festive photoshoot with WeShootYou.

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