The 8 Best Family Photographers in London

List of Best Family Photographers in London

Who is the best family photographer in London?

The Best Family Photographer in London is subjective. It depends on your needs for a family photoshoot. Hiring the best family photographer for yourself will depend on factors such as pricing, reviews, customer service, and a photographer’s portfolio.

You have the luck of the draw when it comes to choosing photographers in London, with it being a large creative hub, and a City full of great surprises, there is an infinite number of choices for your photographer needs. But here are some photographers well known in the London region and for good reasons too! 

How to Choose the Best Family Photographer for You

When selecting a family photographer, there are a few important factors that you should take into consideration. It is important to take a careful and considered approach when selecting the best family photographer for you as you are giving someone access to your life, in capturing treasured memories with your family. 

When Considering a family photographer remember the following:

  • Hire a photographer who capture genuine emotions and candid moments, and have a knack for storytelling. But this all depends on the experience and expertise they have in working with families of all sizes and age ranges.
  • A photographer who knows how to engage with children and adults to create a relaxed atmosphere can ensure that you receive beautiful and natural photographs 
  • Price and packaging to ensure that they fit within your budget, and cover all your requirements. So please ask questions about their packages and what’s involved, this includes any albums and frames, or even locations they shoot at (indoors, outdoors, at a studio) etc.

If you’re interested in learning how to make a comprehensive decision on how to choose a family photographer, check out blog article out.

So you are probably now wondering who can I reach out to if I want some family photos? Here is a list of family photographers in London!

Top Family Photographers in London

1. WeShootYou Photography 

WeShootYou Photography was started in 2018, by London based photographers Adam Khan and Kush Karki. Their photography journey started as two enthusiasts in the field, with a strong affinity for street, portrait and fine art photography which has transformed into their approach to storytelling family photography. 

They’ve introduced elements of their street photography work into their family photography, providing a genuine experience that encourages families to be themselves to provide candid and authentic moments that you can cherish for a lifetime. 

WeShootYou are very flexible in their approach to family photography, with experience working outdoors in nature, cityscapes and on rooftops! But also working indoors at different function rooms, events and also the family’s own home! 

It does not stop at just digital photos with WeShootYou, as they provide stunning heirlooms which range from their beautiful leather bound albums with high-grade photo paper, to their intricate display of photo frames for all homes and wall sizes. 


WeShootYou offers a diverse range of photography options, and tailored their photography based on the needs and expectations of their client. WeShootYou are masters of documentary style photography that looks candid and timeless. 

  • They are incredible flexible in their approach, working in all environments and landscapes for photos that would look great in their beautifully handcrafted albums or picture frames.
  • They offer buy now pay later options so you family has more flexibility with payments. Helpful for families in all financial positions.
  • Family photographs are edited to have a strong focus on the subject and be very sharp with a very smooth and light colour composition.


  • Limited availability: As a popular and in-demand photography service, WeShootYou Photography may have limited availability, making it challenging to secure a booking during peak times.
  • Higher pricing: While WeShootYou Photography offers stunning heirloom products, their family photography pricing is on the higher side compared to other photographers, which may not fit everyone’s budget.

When to Choose WeShootYou as your London Family Photographer?

Overall choose WeShootYou if you want:

  • Balanced Family Photography pricing. Costing between £400 – £600 for digital photograph packages, and packages with physical heirlooms all the way to £2000.
  • Finance and Buy now pay later options available so you can pay in installments. Great if you’re a family that does not have the finances for paying all in one.
  • Hybrid of posed and unposed photography so you can get a mixture of photography styles.
  • Outdoor and Indoor Family photography wherever the location in London.
  • Prefer the option of having 2 photographers capture your special moments with your family.
  • Are interested in physical products such as frames, prints and albums.
  • Want a bespoke photoshoot whether indoors or outdoors.

When to not Choose WeShootYou as your Family Photographer?

  • You are looking for photography within the cheaper pricing range from £99 and up.
  • If you would like unedited photographs, WeShootYou does not provide this service.
  • Want only candid photographs.
  • Want highly edited or manipulated photographs with strong filters. WeShootYou only provides a very clean natural look to family photography.

2. Jayne Douglas Photography:

Jayne Douglas is a well known photographer, she specializes in capturing beautiful photos in parks, especially in Syon Park in the Royal Borough of Hounslow. Her Portfolio shows her experience with working with nature, as she creates photos that encapsulate what it takes to be an outdoors family photographer. Being a mum herself helps her understand what it takes to create heartfelt moments in family photos.

Jayne Douglas’ attention to detail and her dedication to form a connection with the family truly makes it a wonderful photography experience for the family. Jayne Douglas also provides beautiful prints for you to take home to showcase to your friends and family!


  • Jayne douglas has a lot of experience working with children and families, so she is more than capable of handling large families, and developing a strong connection for relaxed photos. 


  • Limited package options: Depending on the specific needs and preferences of a family, Jayne Douglas Photography may have limited package options or add-ons, which could restrict customization.

3. Kassia Karr Photography:

Kassia Karr photography truly takes an artistic and creative approach to family photography. The style combines the use of natural light and stunning locations to create beautiful pictures that reflect the uniqueness of each family. 

What really stands out from Kassia Karr is her ability to make her families feel comfortable and relaxed, ensuring that they feel at ease in creating candid and heartfelt photographers.


  • Kassia Karr has a unique approach to photography that has a very artistic appeal, especially if you are looking for something different and something that is a bit more experimental. 


  • Limited focus on traditional portraits: Kassia Karr Photography’s artistic and creative approach may result in fewer traditional portraits, which some families might prefer for more formal or classic family photos.
  • Limited indoor photography experience: While Kassia Karr Photography excels in utilizing natural light and stunning outdoor locations, their experience with indoor photography, such as studio setups, may be limited.

4. Lavender Hill Photography:

Lavender Hill photography led by Anna Hindocha, specializes in capturing the joy and energy of everyday family life. The One thing in Anna’s photos that truly stand out is her approach to a playful style of photography that goes hand in hand with her vibrant photography style that brings out the authentic personalities of each family member. 

Whether its a playful day at the park or a cozy session at home, Lavender Hill photography captures those precious moments that you can cherish for a very long time!


  • Lavender Hill has a childlike approach to her photography, which makes her very easy to work with especially if your children are on the younger side, her playful side really shows in her photos, and if you’re looking for photos to make you smile for a long time, she is your photographer. 


  • Playful style may not appeal to everyone: While Anna Hindocha’s playful style of photography can bring out the authentic personalities of each family member, some families may prefer a more formal or traditional approach to family portraits.
  • Limited availability for travel: Lavender Hill Photography primarily focuses on capturing everyday family life, which may limit their availability for travel or destination photoshoots outside of London.

5. Magic Rainbow Photography:

With a focus on newborns and young children, Magic Rainbow Photography, led by Jules Smith, specializes in creating enchanting and whimsical family portraits. 

Jules’ use of soft lighting, delicate props, and gentle posing techniques results in ethereal and magical photographs. Her ability to capture the innocence and wonder of childhood makes Magic Rainbow Photography an excellent choice for families with young children.


  • If you are looking for fun and whimsical photos with a bit of twist magic rainbow are the right photographers for you, they are experts with working with newborn and young children and working with soft lighting and delicate props for a very ethereal look in their photography. 


  • Specialization in newborns and young children: While Jules Smith’s expertise in photographing newborns and young children is commendable, families with older children or without infants may find limited options or themes suitable for their specific needs.

  • Limited range of locations and styles: Magic Rainbow Photography’s enchanting and whimsical style may not appeal to families seeking a more diverse range of locations or a variety of photography styles.

6. Sam Spicer Photography:

Sam Spicer’s family portraits reflect her passion for storytelling and documentary-style photography. With a knack for capturing candid moments, Sam creates honest and heartfelt images that reflect the unique dynamics within each family.


  • Sam Spicer is a keen advocate of using a documentary style photography that focuses on the candid moments of families, providing heart-felt and tender moments that are captured with full authenticity. 

  • She has an unobtrusive approach ensures that families can relax and be themselves, resulting in authentic and memorable photographs.


  • Limited focus on specific moments: Sam Spicer’s documentary-style photography and focus on capturing candid moments may result in fewer posed or traditional portraits, which some families may prefer for specific milestones or events.
  • Potentially longer turnaround time: As a photographer who emphasizes storytelling and capturing authentic moments, Sam Spicer’s editing process may take longer, which could result in a slightly extended delivery time for the final photographs.

7. Richard Murgatroyd Photography:

Richard Murgatroyd is a talented family photographer known for his ability to capture the genuine emotions and connections within families. With a blend of candid and posed shots, Richard’s photographs tell stories and evoke emotions. His attention to detail and use of natural light result in stunning images that showcase the love and joy within families.


  • Captures genuine emotions and connections within families.
  • Captures a blend candid and posed shots to tell stories and evoke emotions.
  • Great attention to detail and use of natural light results in stunning images.


  • Limited emphasis on posed shots: Richard Murgatroyd’s blend of candid and posed shots may lean more towards candid moments, which may not suit families seeking a higher number of traditional, posed portraits.
  • Higher demand and limited availability: Richard Murgatroyd’s talent and popularity may result in high demand and limited availability, making it necessary to book well in advance for desired dates.

8. Fiona Kelly Photography:

Fiona Kelly’s family photography is characterized by her warm and natural style. Specializing in outdoor sessions, Fiona utilizes London’s scenic locations to create timeless and breathtaking images. Her ability to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere ensures that families feel comfortable, resulting in genuine and heartfelt photographs.


  • With a warm and natural style of family photography Fiona specializes in outdoor sessions utilizing London’s scenic locations creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during photoshoots producing genuine and heartfelt photographs.


  • Limited focus on indoor photography: Fiona Kelly’s specialization in outdoor sessions may limit the options for families who prefer indoor or studio setups for their family portraits.
  • Weather dependency: As Fiona utilizes London’s scenic outdoor locations, the unpredictability of weather conditions may impact the availability or success of scheduled photoshoots.

Concluding thoughts: Overall Best London Family Photographer?

Out of this list, to conclude the best family photographer depends on who you serves your needs best.