7 Great Ideas for an autumn Family Photoshoot

It’s time to pack away your suncream and beachwear and start layering your outfit, as Autumn is here. The cold weather will not stop us from doing photoshoots, in fact, we love Autumn. Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, with vibrant colours, diffused light and cooler temperature mean this is a perfect time for you to get your pictures done.

Are you confused and unsure about what exactly you want? Well, here are some Autumn family photoshoot ideas to guide you through the process before you hire a London family photographer.

Leaves, Leaves and Leaves 

The most noticeable changes for Autumn are the colours of the leaves, this is where you will start seeing a shift from green, to vibrant shades of yellow, red and orange, making for a perfect idea for autumn family portraits. 

Don’t be afraid to make the best use of the leaves, this can either be done by using the leaves as nature’s quilt or getting stuck in there by tossing the leaves and getting showered in their natural beauty for a quintessentially autumn activity. 

Autumn Family Photo Ideas using Leaves


The foliage itself makes a beautiful backdrop for autumn family photos. We generally like to use a wide-open aperture lens, to achieve a dreamy and ethereal backdrop that is called the “bokeh”. The blur really provides a dream-like look to your photos, almost resembling an oil painting from the renaissance era. 

A hint of brown

For anyone lucky enough to experience the symphony of colours displayed during Autumn, will know that brown is big colour during this season. 

Two things that will make your photos look excellent during this period? Golden hour and a carefully chosen wardrobe. For similar outdoor photoshoot ideas, peep our other article.

At golden hour, the bland brown colours you see around you will transform into a mass of dreamy foliage that will provide a beautiful glow around your family. 

Additionally, if you are not yet at that stage of Autumn, embrace some autumn colours, mustard, burgundy, chocolate browns and rust orange etc. Make sure to put this against neutral colours if you really want to stand out.

Apple and Pumpkin Season

Autumn is a great time to go apple picking at an orchard or a pumpkin farm for a fun family activity. Not only will this provide a lot of genuine, fun and candid moments as a family activity, but the beautiful glow of the pumpkins or/and apples provide a colourful backdrop during autumn. 

Pumpkin season autumn family session ideas

Beautiful Golden Hour

We mentioned golden hour before, but we need to strongly recommend taking a picture during peak golden hour times during Autumn. Unlike the summer, thanks to clour cover and diffused light, this will lead to a natural spray of a golden hue that will provide a beautiful blanket of warm and golden sunlight, that will provide a flattering and softer look than a golden hour in the summer. 


Cooler temperatures and less harsh light mean this is a great opportunity for your children to play outdoors. So forget about sweaty armpits and foreheads, and allow your children to play and interact with you, giving a genuine and candid picture. 

Let your kids be tossed in the air, chase them around trees, or even have a good old fashioned leaf tumble.  

So here are some ideas we recommend for getting hiring a family photographer in London during the autumn.

Alternatively, if you’re more of an indoors person, we’ve come up with a ton of indoor family photo ideas so you can avoid the cold!

Kids playing in autumn. A good idea for an autumn family portrait is to play with your kids in the photograph like so.

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