24 Family Picture Ideas for you and your family.

1. The Classic: Black and White Photo

At WeShootYou, we believe the finest way of capturing family moments is using black and white photography.


Black and white photography gives the feel of being frozen in time, and that’s exactly how you want a memory to be, unforgettable. Not to mention, black and white photography has a rich artistic history,

Mother embracing daughter for black and white themed family photograph idea

2. Park themed family photo

That’s right, who doesn’t want to go to park on a sunny day? It’s not only great for stress, but your kids will also thank you for it! You can keep them entertained for hours at the jungle gyms and capture the best memories.

Family hugging and sitting on a log for a park family themed photo. This image is used to as an example of what a family could do when thinking of ideas for family photo.

3. Mummy and Daughter Duo

Something that always melts the hearts of everyone is a beautiful mother and daughter(s) photograph. Dad’s/mum’s why not grab a camera and your significant other with surprise mother and daughter photoshoot?

4. Sibling Photoshoot 

If there’s anything that any parent should document is sibling’s growing together. Having those memories to compare and share when your children grow older is a feeling like no other. You’ll be able to laugh at the good moments together and admire just how much the little ones have grown. It can also be a great way of getting kids to bond together.

An idea for a photograph for a family picture. In this photo siblings are playing with each other sitting down on a grassy edge of hill overlooking a river.

5. A Lovers Embrace

Often one of the most heart-warming moments is the capture of romance between couples. Grab a third person and ask them to snap you, your loved one and baby together.

An image illustrating the idea of having a family photo where a couple is embracing as lovers.

6. The Napping Baby

There’s nothing more cuter than taking a photo of a baby sleeping, not to mention more peaceful!

An image illustrating a baby napping as an idea for family picture.

7. The Home Photoshoot

Taking photographs in your comfort of your home can be relaxing and very easy to setup, there’s no need for extensive locations, being bothered by crowds of people and all the privacy in the world.

An image of a family enjoy a photoshoot at home. A great idea for all.

8. In Motion

The candid photograph is as natural as a photo can get. When your family is having a blast doing something don’t forget to get your camera out and snap quickly to etch those beautiful moments in your mind.

A photograph of a dad raising his daughter captured in motion in family photo and having fun.

9. Father and Daughter Photoshoot

One of the best Father’s Day gifts you can give is snap of dad and his little ones. In the image below Julius and his daughter had barrel of fun and ended framing this photo over their fireplace.

A picture illustrating the family picture idea of a father and daughter picture.

10. The Upclose Baby Photo

The classic close-up – a close up that fills the frame and really captures the essence of babies beauty, the face, the smile and eye’s.

An upclose photo of a baby.

11. Playing with Children

Some of the best times to capture a photo is the moment of play. Often when you’re playing with children, it offers genuine emotions that are difficult to replicate artificially. These heartfelt moments also offer natural smiles and laughter which can make for a fantastic photograph.

12. Superhero Cosplay

Has marvel lit a burning desire in your hearts for superhero movies?

This is your chance to take advantage of superhero madness and do a family styled shoot. There are several ideas which you could try! The avengers, DC Universe or even the Incredibles.

13. Funny Family Picture

A classy photo is timeless, but sometimes we like to have a bit of fun and break the mould with a silly picture. Asking someone to pull their funniest faces or having dad tell a dad joke is one of the best ways to get the energy going.

Have a laugh and explore more funny family photoshoot ideas.

14. Disney Themed Photoshoot

Do you dream in Disney? Love yourself a pair of mickey’s ears? Don’t worry a Disney themed photoshoot is one of the most unique family photoshoots you can think of.  It’s not only relatable for adults but you can live out your fantasies whether you’d like to dress up as Cinderella or pretend you’re Aladdin.

15. Dinner Gathering

Enjoying a hot summer evening with delicious food can only be topped off with a nice photograph with the family. Bonus points for sharing it on your Instagram story to all your friends!

A picture illustrating a family enjoying dinner together.

16. Easter Family Photoshoot

Put your bunny ears on and surprise the family with a cute easter themed photoshoot. You could even have easter egg costumes involved; for example, a baby or child dressed as an easter egg or even dad or mum dressed as the easter bunny!

Kids playing for an easter themed photoshoot idea.

17. Christmas Themed Family Photoshoot

Capture your Christmas spirit with a Christmas styled photoshoot. There’s plenty of ideas for this one. Dad or mum could dress as santa, the kids as elves…the worlds your oyster!

Baby dressed up for a christmas themed family photo in a cute little santa hat.

18. Halloween Styled Family Photo

One of the greatest times of the year is Halloween, it gives you the excuse of dressing up to your hearts content and do a mad family photoshoot pose. One cute idea is dressing a child as a pumpkin (the cutest idea we know), another as a vampire or even sss-scary skeleton. As you can imagine there’s endless opportunities.

A kid dressed up for a halloween, posing with a broom - an illustration for you and your family to potentially do.

19. A family picture with a pet

This is a great idea if your household has pets. Everyone knows the pet is a part of the family so why not try a photo with your furry friend and have a blast while doing it!

A picture with a dog and his family.
A toddler playing with her cat for a family picture.

20. An outing to the beach

Planning a trip down to the Brighton Pier? Cornwall? Cambersands? They’re perfect opportunities to take a snap of the whole family having a blast on the beach. Whether it’s mummy chilling with the dog and the baby on a deck chair or dad swimming with beagle you won’t regret it.

An idea of a photo of a family at the beach

21. A Family Picture with the Nan or Pappy

A picture together with the extended family is inclusive and great reason to bring everyone together, especially grandparents.

22. Bike Ride

Spruce up your bike ride with some snaps of the family enjoying a nice ride on a hot summers day.

A picture of a dad and his child going for a bike ride

23. Magical Themed Photoshoot

Do you dream of elves? Do you read lots of fantasy books? Well a great idea is to do magical fairy themed photoshoot. This is fun for all the family, you get a chance to dress up as your favourite magical characters from grumpy dwarves all the way to elves.

A girl dressed as a fairy for a themed fantasy picture.

24. Dress up as your favourite book character

This one is one for the bookworms and cosplayers.

Have you been itching for a Harry Potter styled cosplay? Now’s your chance to represent Gryffindor or Slytherin! Or whomever. 

Try draw that fake lightning bolt on your forehead, put those wizard boots on and fix up a wand from the backyard and get ready for something magical!

A picture of a harry potter themed photoshoot with a man holding a wand over a pot.


Itching for a beautiful family photo? Spotted something on the list you want to do, but feel the need for a professional to step in? See what’s so great about us.

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