5 Reasons why family Photography Portraits are important

We photographed a very sweet family recently, and we received a lovely message from them: 

My heart melted instantly, thank you very much for capturing this sweet moment that we will capture forever. As I obsessively stare at the photos and stare at all the cuteness from my daughter and husband, I can’t thank you guys enough. My daughter has always been very shy of being on camera – so it was so touching to finally get to get a good picture with her!”

Reading this message, reinforced the reasons why we decided to become family photographers. As artists, we are dedicated to creating putting together a canvas of images, to create a whole tapestry of beautiful moments for you and your family, and it is this raw and genuine method of storytelling we love the most. 

So, here is why we like doing family photography, but why should you do it?

Let a professional take over, and take it easy 

Everybody likes to think they are a photographer, and want to believe its just about “clicking buttons”. But, it’s much more than that. It’s nice to take pics of your kids and family time to time, but a photographer is trained in the art of composition, lighting, focal length and color theory. And that can make the difference between a good photo and a timeless photo. 

Your Legacy Being Documented

Children grow up so fast, to a point where they are already graduating form university in the blink of the eye. From the good, the bad and the awkward, documenting your children’s growth, and your family’s evolution provides great memories to look back on and cherish. Families are always growing and changing, sometimes new additions arrive, other times older relatives sadly pass away. In any circumstance, family photos capture and preserve these memories for a very long time.

Create Memories 

And we don’t just mean through the photos itself. We have gotten many messages from families telling us how much they enjoyed the shoot, from the challenges for getting their kids to not shy away from the camera, to capturing embarrassing, yet beautifully candid moments in their home. These photo sessions are something you can look back at fondly in the future. 

A personal gift to share 

This is especially true if you are someone who is in their early adulthood and just starting the process of moving away from your family and becoming independent. Unlike smartphones, a professional photographer will get to know and understand you, and take gorgeous and well composed photos that is fitting for any wall, desk or album that will get people talking. It’s not just a piece of art, its also a conversation piece. 

You Can Have A High Quality Physical Copy 

Mobile phone photos just dont have the same quality as photographs taken by a professional photographer when turning the photos into wall art or albums. A photographer job is to create photos that you can put on a wall or on a mantlepiece for you to look at whenever you need a bit of nostalgia. You can’t frame a jpeg, but you definitely can frame a beautiful family photos with great composition and image quality. 

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