Bespoke Family Photographer in Greenwich E14

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Family photography in Kensington
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Bespoke Family Photographers Near Greenwich

Discover beautiful family portrait photography in Greenwich E14.

WeShootYou are bespoke family photographers in London. We specialise in documenting iconic family photography in Greenwich and other areas.

Having photographed many families in Greenwich we are incredibly grateful for it. We look forward to taking more beautiful photos of families all over London.

How does the session work?

Sessions are made bespoke for each family. Some families prefer to take photographs in the comfort of their own home featuring many candid style photographs. Others prefer taking photographs in the outdoors. Whatever the choice, we tailor photos to your family.

Our sessions begin with you enjoying yourselves doing what you love, whether that’s a hobby or visiting beautiful parks in Greenwich.

Family Photoshoot locations in Greenwich?

Some excellent near by outdoor locations for photos are Greenwich Park, the Old Naval College, or even the Cutty Sark.

Greenwich Park: This is a fantastic location for a family photoshoot because of the stunning views of London that you can capture in the background. The park is also very spacious, with plenty of greenery, trees, and flowers to add some natural beauty to your photos. You can also find some nice spots around the park, such as the flower garden, the bandstand, and the hill, which offer a great variety of backdrops for your photos.

The Old Naval College: This is another great location for a family photoshoot because of its historical architecture and beautifully maintained gardens. The buildings offer a classic and elegant backdrop for your photos, and the gardens provide a nice mix of colors and textures that can make your family really stand out. You can also find some hidden gems around the college, such as the Chapel, the Painted Hall, and the Queen’s House, which offer some unique and interesting backdrops for your photos.

The Cutty Sark: This is a unique and exciting location for a family photoshoot because of its iconic ship and maritime history. The ship’s sleek lines and interesting features can make for some fun and dynamic photos, and the background of the river Thames and the London skyline can provide some stunning views. You can also find some interesting spots around the ship, such as the captain’s cabin, the cargo hold, and the deck, which can offer some creative backdrops for your photos.

What’s our approach like?

Whatever option you choose indoor or outdoor we generally take a laid-back approach, let the kids explore and play around as this makes for natural photography. Sometimes photos come out where kids are jumping around, kissing their parents or dancing around. This usually makes for beautiful scenes which people can hang up on their walls as wall art for years to come.

Family Photography Pricing in Greenwich

Pricing begins at £300. We offer three bespoke packages for family photography. More information can be found our family photography pricing & packages page.

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