Family Photography Session in Finsbury Park | Barnes Family

Family photography in Finsbury Park the Barnes Family
Barnes family holding each other for family photographer finsbury park
Savanah Holding flower for finsbury park family photography
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After taking a walk around Finsbury Park, we thought it would be a great location for a family photo shoot. The park can be reached from Finsbury Park station or Manor House station or even Crouch Hill station. It has the perfect combination of a family-friendly atmosphere, and aesthetic compositions for a photoshoot. 

So we decided on a family photoshoot session in Finsbury park with the Barnes family and their beautiful daughter Savannah.

It wasn’t an easy task though! After taking the mammoth task of persuading Savannah against going to the funfair, we gathered with the family to get to know them on a personal level. A lot of bad pictures comes from awkwardness around taking pictures, we like to make it a comfortable and engaging experience for the client, so they feel free to just be themselves. 

After we showed our clients how charming we can be, we took them to our favourite locations in Finsbury Park. Working with a mood board and also a bit of spontaneity, we worked together to create wholesome family moments. We generally gave the family free reigns to be in the moment, and talk to each other as they generally would, whilst also encouraging them to reminisce about tender moments, this aligns with our values of creating nostalgic memories that evoke positive emotions! 

We were very happy to work with the family (and hope the feeling is mutual), and Finsbury Park is such an ideal location for families to have their pictures taken, and maybe get a bit of cotton candy at the funfair! 

Come Join us and grab your family an experience they won’t forget!

Dad holding mum, mum holding daughter for Family Potrait Photography
Mum and daughter holding flower together for family photography session in finsbury park and Manor House
Savannah skipping near manor house station for family session
A photo taken of Savannah holding a little flower near Manor House by Manor House Photographers.
Savnnah smiling for family portrait

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