16 clothing Ideas to spice up your next family portrait

You might be scratching your head frequently about clothing ideas for your next family photoshoot. Don’t worry we sympathise. Dressing up especially for a family photos can be daunting task – we know the pain trust us – we want to make your life a whole lot easier!

So why is having the right outfit important? Believe it or not the camera is only a part of the photograph, there’s so much that goes around in composing something aesthetic, one of those factors include clothing.

We’ve put together an article to help guide you on looking your part whether it’s for a big day or just the causal phone snap.

1. Double Denim

Denim is not only aesthetic but very casual which always makes it easy for when you’re in a jam for time or just taking it easy.

Dungarees are a classic whether you’re wearing them easy summers day or even in autumn – they fit well in all environments and are comfortable. The usual blue tone of the clothing fits very well in family photoshoots.

Alternatively, your family could go with wearing matching blue jeans and a blue jean jacket with a white t-shirt – something you can find in almost every household.

picture of family wearing denim for an idea for a family photo

2. Suit and Tie

This one is for the special occasions or if you’re feeling fancy! So whether you’re getting photographed at a fancy event or even just playing dress up at home with the kids, this is a very good choice.

For men/boys we would recommend going with the traditional slim fit white oxford shirt, a navy blue or black blazer to match, trousers & leather shoes. Alternatively, you could also go without the blazer and go for lighter look.

Women/girls – A good idea is an evening dress or gown. We’d recommend darker colours like maroon, black or at the very end of the spectrum very bright red, blue etc.

Alternatively, you could also rock a similar look to the earlier recommendation – a suit and tie.

Whatever the case, your family will look dapper on any occasion!

3. Seasonality

We want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible during the photoshoots, so this means investing time in picking out pieces of clothes that match the season.

Different seasons will obviously have different weathers, whether it’s on a snowy winter day, a sweaty summer and muddy summer or cool autumn, keep in line with the season and wear what matches the season for the best look for that weather, and to feel most comfortable during the photoshoot.

For example, during winter times, we advise getting your kids to wear hats, sweaters and coats, for a stylish winter look, but also to keep them warm. It’s better to photograph a snug and warm child than one that is shivering!

4. Summer Dress

A sundress is a fantastic outfit for a summer family portrait, they’re cool to wear in hot weather, light and elegant. Sundresses can be rocked bare-foot or with casual sandals or slippers.

You can go with a bold colour to get a strong contrast on a photo which works well in summer months with the greenery or go with light pastel colours. For strong colours like orange or yellow are always eye-catching especially in the park, garden or even forest.

If you’re feeling in dreamy mood pastel colours are the way to go, they blend well in images especially around farms or beaches where there’s an abundance of yellow to blend with. For ideas think of light colours like light yellow, baby blue, turquoise, polka-dots.

An image of a woman wearing a summer dress.

5. Casual T-Shirt and Jeans

Ever notice why in movies this is so prominent? Because the white tee paired with levies is timeless look which requires very minimal prep time. As we all know it can be difficult getting kids or young adults dressed – making it as simple as possible can really make it painless to prepare for a snap with the family.

An image of a family wearing t shirt with jeans for a family photo idea

6. Plaid T Shirt and Trousers

A plaid t-shirt paired with black trousers or jeans & some trainers are always a great choice as it can be found in almost everyone’s wardrobe! Often taking minimal prep to put on. Great colours for plaid include the classic red & black, black & yellow or even black & green.

An image of a child wearing a plaid t-shirt for a candid family picture.

7. Comfy Pyjamas

This is a favourite among children and parents because it’s so easy to do – not to mention it makes for the cutest family photos. Wearing pyjamas are easy to do, comfortable and give a very relaxed look. Family portraits with pyjamas are only taken in the family’s home as it provides a natural familiar setting, not to mention there’s really no place like home!

There are so many types of pyjamas your family could opt for – whether it’s simple coloured PJs or curious looking bunny pyjamas – they make for great portraits.

An image of a man wearing comfy pyjamas.

8. Christmas Jumpers

Feeling festive? Get your Christmas mood on with a nice jumper with Rudolf’s photo on it or little old Santa! Paired with some black trousers, boots or black shoes you’ll rock your Christmas photographs.

If this has got you feeling festive, why not explore some Christmas family photoshoot ideas?

A child in a family photograph wearing a snuggly christmas jumper.

9. Easter Styled Wear

If your family celebrates easter, this might perk your interest. Easter is one of the most fun times of the year to spend with your family. Some great clothing ideas include, wearing easter styled jumpers with a pair of black trousers, bunny ears or even bunny-styled onesies.

10. Face paint

Now we know this isn’t an accessory or piece of clothing, but it falls in the territory. Whatever the event, whether it’s Halloween, easter or Christmas nothing makes kids eye’s shine like some face paint.

11. Dress for the winter!

If you’re a fan of the cold weather or just simply like outdoor photos when it’s chilly winter wear always makes for great photos. Specifically, parkas – dressing the little ones in cute little ones in furry parkas in a sort of Eskimo cosplay is a fantastic choice.

Thick Russian styled hats are also in fashion which go with just about any winter styled coat. Rocking these can make any winter photoshoot fashionable, not to mention cosy!

Speaking of hats beanies are another choice, often very portable and common in every UK household. These classics not only keep your head and ears warm but go with most winter outfits, especially jumpers and winter coats.

12. Think with the environment in mind

As documentary photographers, we shoot at different locations, indoors and outdoors. And of course, these environments will have different complementary styles that will provide a unique and unforgettable photograph.

So be mindful of the environment you want to do your photoshoot in, and adjust your wardrobe accordingly. For example, you might want to do a photoshoot in the kid’s room, where this gives you an opportunity for a bit of creativity and fancy dress wearing.

 If you are doing a photo shoot outside in the woods, it might not be the best idea for formal wear, here we recommend something casual and easy to walk in, especially in woodlands that can get muddy! Either way, try to prepare beforehand depending on the setting you want your photos. 

An image of a family preparing for the beach as an idea for family portraits.

13. Raincoats and Wellies

If you’re planning on going on a field day somewhere muddy wellies and raincoats are standard. They protect your little ones from the mud and provide a firm grip for when you’re walking in muddy environments so slip ups don’t happen!

Our favourites for families are bright yellow boots paired with a yellow raincoat and striped shirt – this outfit is perfect for creating some of the best snaps because of the bright colours contrasting against the muddy background.  

14. Try Fancy Dresses

Kids in fancy dress provide a memorable series of photos that allows your kids to occupy their own world, helping create a fun and candid photoshoot.

Kids love to be the star of their own story, and from our experience, fancy dress wear also opens your child up a bit more to having their pictures taken.

A kid wearing a halloween styled costume as an idea on how to dress for a family picture

15. Matching Whites

The dreaded all-white might seem like a bad idea, and you might even fear looking like a bad pop band from the 90s. However, when done right, the all-white look can look very elegant and timeless.

. The best thing about all-white coordination is that it gives a very minimalist appeal and looks great in a black and white photo for a sharp image with a very prominent contrast.

This is especially a great look during winters, and for Christmas, an all-white outfit against the beautiful glimmer of festive decoration is a wonderful touch. 

A photograph of the golding family wearing all white clothing as an idea for family portrait.

16. Be Yourself

Most importantly though, we want you to be yourself, and we want you to wear things your family would usually wear. We don’t want you going out and buying unnecessary items of clothes just for the “perfect” photoshoot. There is no perfect photoshoot if you are looking for authenticity. 

We encourage you to embrace your own style and lifestyle, as we document your life together with your daily, and etch them into your memories for a lifetime. 

Want to create memories of a life time, check out why we’re so special

Black and white photograph of a family sitting on the floor embracing each other.

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