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Thinking of hosting an event?

Let’s talk about what not to do…

Don’t be that guy.

Being known as that guy/company who threw the worst party ever can be damaging. Either to you or your company. Seriously… 

Ask yourself, do you really want to:

·       Damage your branding

·       Damage your personal reputation

·       Seen as disorganised by any management

·       Feel like you’re missing out on something to remember

If you’re clutching your hands and shaking your head. You are right to do so.

You don’t need to fall into this trap. You can totally throw memorable event that will get people clutching their pants to come again.


Business acumen shows investing in your image is an investment for your future.

Hiring an event photographer can:

· Help you create business content to advertise across every social media platform

· Help you create powerful lead generating content.

· Reinforce your brand image

· Be remembered by your audience.

· Improve business prospects

Why Hire Us?

Let’s start by telling you what we won’t do.

We won’t take hundreds of blurry or unremarkable photos.

We won’t charge you astronomical prices.

We won’t mislead you about our services or bog you down with legalise.

What Will We Do?

We promise to sit with you from start to finish and understand your brand/business and get a feel for it. We promise by the end of it you’ll feel we are family.

What to expect?

· Tip-top punctual service.

· Outstanding photos for any event you’re planning. Including edited photos of your choosing.

· Strategy consultation, if you’re looking to use these photos on social media.

· Hassle-free contract with us with clear terms & set goals.

What events do we cover?

·      Birthday party photography

·      Anniversary photography

·      Corporate party photography

·      Religious ceremony photography

·      Festival photography

·      Club/Bar Photography

·      Showroom photography

·      Restaurant photography

·      Small business photography

·      Fund-raiser photography

·      Charity photography

·      Prom photography

Want to be the next Gatsby? Or just throw a good PR campaign for your company? Get in touch.

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Let’s talk about your next event

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