How to Prepare for a Dating Profile Photoshoot: Tips, Tricks & Advice

Preparing for a dating photoshoot is most likley something you’ve never done before. So we can understand why you would be unsure on how to prepare for one!

Dating photography might not be something you feel you might need, however having good photos is important for modern dating which centers around online dating, where our digital identity matters, and therefore the competition for getting dates is greater. 

If you want stand out and get noticed on dating platforms like Tinder, consider getting a dating photographer who can guide you through how to take the best photos and what kind of images flatter you the most. 

Once you have chosen the right London dating photographer, here are some tips best prepare for a dating photoshoot. 

Pick The Right Clothes for Your Dating Photoshoot

One of the most important things for your photoshoot is clothing. Wear something that is reflective of who you are, but also wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable and suits your body type and size. Consider speaking to a style consultant or a photographer with styling knowledge. 

You should also not be afraid of paying for better clothes if you have to as you have already made the commitment to get a dating photographer so it is best to make use of the opportunity. 

Another aspect of clothing is the weather. The weather will dictate what kind of style you will need to wear. During colder winter season you may need to wear thicker clothes such as jumpers and coats. Whereas during summer seasons you will need to consider wearing thinner jackets, t-shirts or even shorts. This however, does not mean you should just put on any type of warm clothing, be sure to keep up with the latest style trends from reputable sources like GQ Magazine and shope for trendy styles.

Get Plenty of Rest Before Your Dating Photoshoot

Make sure you get plenty of rest before your photoshoot, tired eyes and a stressed face does not bode well for a good photoshoot, and can give an older and more stressed out look that may look off-putting, especially as your profile photos. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep, and ideally avoid caffeine or alcohol the day before, or at least limit your levels so your appearance is at a healthy level. 

If it conflicts with your schedule, consider finding a date that works better for you, this is an opportunity to showcase the best version of yourself, so if the date of the shoot conflicts with a time where you may not sleep well and as a result look tired on the photoshoot which does not make for a great photograph. 

Take Care of Your Health and Hygeine before a Dating Photo Session

Aside from basic hygiene such as brushing and cleaning your teeth, it’s important that you also consider skin-care.

 Skincare means consider washing your face with a cleanser, and then using an exfoliator to help decongist clogged pores and dead skin, thus giving a healthier looking complexion that looks better for the camera and makes you feel good. In fact, this is something you should be doing on a daily basis anyway. 

Here are some products we recommend for good skincare before your photoshoot: Kiehl’s Face Fuel, Paula’s Choice Exoilator, Kiehl’s Eye Serum.

Learn & Practice Your Poses for your Dating Photoshoot

Dating Photographers will want you to be as confident as possible in front of a camera, whilst they can guide you and make you feel at ease, it’s understandably an uneasy process, especially as we don’t expect you to have had experience being in front of a professional camera.

So we recommend that you practice different poses in front of the mirror to find the most flattering angles for your body, which is something you can discuss with your photographer too (even send your photographer photos if they are open). Look at inspiration from images you might like from instagram or any movies you have seen, or even look at dating profiles that you think look nice and would like to replace. 

Choose the Right Location and Area For Your Dating Photoshoot

The location you huge has a huge impact on the results, choose a location that reflects your personality and interests, and also one that gives a great background in the type of environment you’re in. 

For example, if you’re a beach fanatic and live by the coast, consider taking photos there, with water sports and activities you might enjoy on the sea. If you are more of a city and urban person, then perhaps take photos within the city, and of you going about your usual business. 

The combination between clothes + location makes a huge difference in how your profile gets noticed, that doesn’t mean you need to be in fancy locations (unless that is who you are), but it has to be in areas that speak loud to you and the type of people you are trying to attract, because this does make a big difference! For those who are regular travelers, we would 100% recommend showcasing your travels across different worlds! 

Here are some type of locations that are our favorite 

  1. Cityscape photos 
  2. Photos in a bar 
  3. Activity based photo 
  4. Beach photos 
  5. Photos in the park

Choose the Dating Photoshoot Package that is Right For You 

Dating photographer packages are all different, have a look at your photos and have a look at what you are looking for and the type of time and resource that is available to you. 

There are photographers who are willing to go the distance with you, from personal shopping to the actual photoshoot, and there are photographers who strictly take the photos. So consider exactly the type of photographer that is good for you. Some photographers might be excellent at taking photos, but not so great at identifying photos that do well for dating, and vice versa. Striking a fine balance between these two elements are what makes for a successful dating profile. 

Things You Should Avoid for a Dating Photoshoot?

  1. Avoid smoking pictures. They just seem way too hard, and you don’t want to limit the number of people who are automatically put off by smoking. 
  2. Avoid activities that are not a part of your lifestyle. People who want photos on a motorcycle without knowing how to ride one for example! 
  3. Unnecessary shirtless pictures for men. Unless you are on a beach, there is no need for shirtless pictures, once again this is something that has shown to be off putting for multiple women on dating apps. 

Create Your Dating Profile with Photographs from Your Dating Photoshoot

Once you have captured some dating photographs, you can start thinking about creating a good dating profile. For the next steps see our guide for creating a good online dating profile.