Kush Karki

Kushal is the other co-founder of WeShootYou.  He specialises in Family photography, Dating Photography & Portrait Photography.

Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

7 Great Ideas for an autumn Family Photoshoot It’s time to pack away your suncream and beachwear and start layering your outfit, as Autumn is here. The cold weather will not stop us from doing photoshoots, in fact, we love Autumn. Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, with vibrant colours, diffused light and …

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picture of family wearing denim for an idea for a family photo

Family Photoshoot Clothing Ideas

What to Wear to A family Photoshoot: 10 Great tips Before a family session, we always get asked what outfits should we wear to the family photoshoot?  In our experience, the clothes you wear for your family photography session can impact the overall outcome of your photos. It is essential to plan your outfits carefully …

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12 Funny Family Photoshoot Ideas

12 Funny Family Photoshoot Ideas Some of the best photographs come out when the whole family is having a barrel of laughs. Why? A good chuckle brings up a natural full smile, something of joy that is difficult to replicate. Natural photos like these are candid, so they always look like they’ve been captured in …

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